It all started with the Cranberry Orange Bisconie. Of all the things we have created at Seven Sisters Scones, Bisconie is one of the most surprising. So surprising in fact that Costco started delivering their own recipe of Cranberry Orange Bisconie two years later.

It all started with a rainy day at the farmers market. As expected, people didn’t show up and we had scones come back. Not wanting to waste all that deliciousness, we cut up scones and double baked them. The result? Biscotti made from scones or, as we called it, Bisconie.

Since then, Bisconie has become a favorite of many. We make it in a variety of flavors and it is available in gluten-free. It’s softer than traditional biscotti and is great dunked in tea or coffee.

And, sorry, we don’t share the recipe. But, we will give you a hint. Make your favorite scones. Cut ’em up and bake them low and slow. You might just surprise yourself. Just make sure to email us your success – info at

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